Smart Infrastructure Management Solutions to Simplify Your IT Landscape.

Remote infrastructure Management

What is Remote infrastructure Management?

Global businesses need the freedom to modernize their IT and put their workloads where they’ll fit best. Our Professional Services solution engineers have expertise and experience in all the major platforms and technologies. As your trusted partner, we can handle your migration details for you and provide ongoing management and optimization, so you can focus on your core business.

Re-engineering of your existing infrastructure with the help of our experts to improve the performance with the latest technology and solutions based on client requirements. Vcare Networks has engineers and architects that can help accelerate your growth and innovation at any point in your business journey.

Our Solutions

Our RIM services will simplify your infrastructure management needs, while providing you with the much needed flexibility to manage your diverse enterprise IT environment. Our team of experts constantly monitor your IT infrastructure, using enterprise grade tools, proactively identifying and fixing faults much before it impacts your business. We make sure your IT environment is continuously protected against threats and issues, enabling your own teams focus on strategic IT initiatives.

How We Help

Our Help Desk offers 24/7 call center services, providing a variety of customer oriented solutions including call center service, technical support, sales, order-taking/fulfillment, billing inquiries, reservations, crisis resolution, call-logging, appointments, dispatching, training, customer service, troubleshooting and general product information support.

Infrastructure Management

We have the certified experts who have the progressive experience in assessing, documenting existing and new processes, dependencies, issues, and risks when drafting migration plans. Our experts help ensure that the installation is correct and that the capabilities of servers are utilized optimally.

Application Management

We have creative web developers that work in close coordination and provide these services for client’s existing applications to modified platforms with no risk of data loss.Our certified engineers build Innovative Web Applications that create global impression of our clients.


We want to help you adopt the technologies that will help you grow your business — whether it’s AWS™, Microsoft®, VMware®, or OpenStack®. Our experts will work with you, one-on-one, to guide you through every stage of your IT transformation. We have the expertise to support your IT transformation across all the platforms and technology for the applications and server migrations and up gradations.

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